Weatherproof Firestarting Kit

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Product Purpose: While many of our competitors offer effective dry condition fire starting kits, our Pocket Bellows “Fire-Triangle Complete” Wet/Dry Weather 3-Piece Fire Starting Kit provides users with all of the tools necessary to start a fire in soaking wet conditions and at higher elevations or in the easiest of conditions.  


Since fire starting requires 3 elements: an ignition source, fuel, and oxygen.  These three requirements are known as "The Fire Triangle".  We developed our the Pocket Bellows “Fire-Triangle Complete” Wet/Dry Weather 3-Piece Fire Starting Kit around these requirements, and we are the only fire-starting kit makers that effectively provide these requirements in a compact lightweight kit.  These tools will give users peace of mind in wet weather conditions and makes fire starting in dry conditions nearly idiot-proof (Please be fire wise and don't be an idiot around fire).


Product Description:

The Pocket Bellows “Fire-Triangle Complete” Wet/Dry Weather 3-Piece Fire Starting Kit weighs just 2 ounces and includes a 1” x 3.5” heavy-wall tube, water resistant carrying case. The 3-pieces include:

  • EZ Ignite Striker: Our ferrocerium rod w/ magnesium-core flint striking tool is a fail proof ignition source that produces a shower of fiery hot embers in all weather conditions.
  • Baddest Bee Fire Fuses (8-pack): Our 100% organically waterproofed, easily ignitable, long burning cotton tinder torches. When ignited with a flint striker, match, or lighter, Fire Fuses produce a 3”-5” fire starting flame for up to 5 full minutes.
  • Pocket Bellows: (extends to 20” & collapses to 3.5”):  Unlike any other fire starting hand tool on the market, our fire bellowing tool turns soaking wet or dry firewood into a rolling fire in moments. Our collapsible mouth bellowing tool compresses and focuses extra oxygen directly into the heart of a fire. The byproduct of this extra oxygen is a significant amount of extra heat which is the key to fire starting in wet conditions.