Arcos Box and Platform

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The rear cargo box with modern design and great aerodynamics

Thule Arcos gives you plenty of loading space at the rear of your car, keeping the roof free to reduce wind resistance or to carry other loads. The design of Thule Arcos is modern and streamlined, with an aerodynamic wing shape that makes it feel like a natural extension of the vehicle.

Easy to mount, easy to use

The cargo box sits low to the ground, making it easy to load and unload cargo. At the same time, its low profile and wedge shape allow you to access the trunk of your car at any time. The durable hard-shell exterior protects your load from dirt and water. Designed for easy mounting, handling, and cleaning, Thule Arcos is a great companion for both everyday life and adventures.


14 cu ft

External dimensions (LxWxH)

67 x 31.5 x 19 in

Internal dimensions (LxWxH)

55.1 x 20 x 17.3 in

Load capacity

110 lb


43 lb

Locks included

Locking system


One Key System compatible



Model number


A towbar platform designed for the Thule Arcos towbar cargo carrier box

The Thule Arcos Platform is needed in order to successfully install your Thule Arcos cargo carrier box.

This Bundle Comes withe the mounting platform and the Box itself 

Please note: The Thule Arcos Box must be used together with the Thule Arcos Platform.

For Exo System